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The Following Books are for Coaches:  Click on any cover to order the selected book.

The Elite WrestlerThe Elite Wrestler is for those wrestlers who want to raise themselves to elite wrestler status. This book is for coaches who currently train elite wrestlers and for those coaches who want to transform average wrestlers to good wrestlers, good wrestlers to great, and great wrestlers into elite competitors. This book is for athletic directors who want to elevate both the physical and mental skills of the athletes who compete in all the sports in their schools (but primarily the wrestlers).  And this book is for the parent/guardians of wrestlers who want to support their son or daughter’s wrestling career either at the club (youth), middle school, high school, college, or post-college level so the wrestler can find that experience to be rewarding and productive.

The Complete HandbookThis handbook contains over 170 easy-to-use forms, letters, and checklists applicable to any school district and athletic program. Coaches and athletic directors can depend on this manual to simplify their duties, communicate more effectively, and become more efficient. Athletic leaders can save time and improve their communication skills with this convenient resource which boasts useful tools for pre-season, regular season, and post-season. The individual who purchases this book may reproduce the various forms, letters, and memos for individual and team use.

Wrestling Coach's Survival Guide Practical Techniques and Materials for Building an Effectiveprogram and a Winning Team

Practical Techniques and Materials for Building an Effective Program and a Winning Team.

From a winning coach, here are proven techniques for success in managing time, talent, and team. 101 ways to motivate players, 45 reproducible forms, letters, schedules and more.


101 Ways to Motivate Athletes

Addresses the most important part of coaching: motivating athletes. Offers over 100 specific and detailed ideas for establishing a positive team culture and a successful, winning organization. Includes ideas for the preseason, early in the season, all season, mid season, postseason and more. Ideal for coaches and administrators of all sports with athletes at any level of play.

101 Strategies for Coaching Winning Wrestling

101 Strategies for Coaching Winning Wrestling provides coaches with a plan to maximize the success of their wrestlers. The book provides a very accurate and detailed explanation of how to run a successful wrestling program. The 101 strategies are separated into chapters detailing under what circumstances a specific strategy is best used, including pre-season, the entire season, first week of the season, the day before a match or tournament, the day of a match or tournament, after matches or tournaments, final weeks of the season, and post-season.

Coach's and Athletic Director's Complete Book of Forms and LettersCoaches and Athletic Director’s Book of Forms and Letters.






Focuses on fundamental drills every coach can use with his wrestlers so they avoid position mistakes, improve their strength and stamina, and enhance their athleticism. The 100+ drills and games are thoroughly explained with locations, descriptions, and coaching points, and cover: warm-up and flexibility, agility, neutral position—offense, neutral position—defense, top position, bottom position, endurance, stamina, and strength, resistance training, competitive wrestling drills, and more. Contains nearly 80 photographs.

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