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Change America

I’m going to change America with my vote.  Whether I’m voting for a county commissioner or our President, you can count on me on Election Day to head to my local polling station, and if I have to travel, I’ll use an absentee ballot. I trust the board of elections because, like a referee in a basketball game, it has no personal stake in the outcome of the competition between any candidates.  Plus, before I vote, I will research all the candidates, read up on the issues, and examine all the campaign literature that floods my mailbox. Indeed, I refuse to be uninformed or misled.

The truth is we all can change America – or specifically, the legislators who serve in local, state, or national government.  Votes accomplish that; they are the soul of our democracy.  Being of Greek descent, I feel proud my ancestors in Athens of 600 BC originated the democratic system (demokratia) where, like today, Athenian voters had to be at least 18 years old. I am also fortunate the 15th and 26th Amendments have enabled me to have my voting conscience represented on my ballot. Although my actual voice may go unnoticed, my vote, however, cannot be ignored.