Keith’s Online Publications

Keith’s Short Fiction:

“Waiting” – Literary Yard

“Waiting for Dinner – Storgy                                                                    

“Brad Gointer – CIA Intern” – Soft Cartel Magazine

“Don’t Tell” – Adelaide Literary Magazine

“When We Gave Birth” – October Hill Magazine

Keith’s Nonfiction Articles:

“My Hallmark holiday Movies Addiction – Defenestration Magazine

“My Hallmark Holiday Movies Addiction,” by Keith Manos

“Relax, the Revise” [Ten recommendations all writers can follow for improving their manuscripts]

“You are not Alone” [An informative article profiling the resources and personnel coaches can use to assist them in developing successful programs]

“When it is time to acknowledge and award” [An informative article that guides athletic coaches and team leaders in acknowledging their athletes’ individual achievements and presenting awards]

“Preparing for a Competition” [recommendations to team leaders and athletic coaches on how to get the best out of their athletes]

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