For My Last Year of Life (in School)

“An entertaining book which gives the reader a view of the educational system through the eyes of a seasoned teacher. Had a hard time putting the book down, as I wanted to see what was going to happen next. A book worth having on your shelf.” [Jim M.]

“It isn isn’t often that an author captures experiences so familiar that you’d swear you lived the story yourself. After reading My Last Year of Life (in School), I was carried back to the classroom where I spent more than 20 years of my career. Keith Manos’s wonderful epistolary narrative gently illustrates both the internal and external frustrations plaguing public education: political wrangling, students damaged by poverty and dysfunctional homes, misguided education policies, teacher burnout, a chronic lack of funding, and high staff turnover. While teachers attempt to do the work of educating children, they are leapfrogging over one frustrating obstacle after another. Readers who have never experienced trying to engage 30 adolescents in a stuffy classroom may not be able to imagine how challenging, and often dispiriting, it is. And though Manos shares the absurdity of some of the day-to-day experiences, his absolute dedication to his students is clear. I would love to meet him sometime and hear how he feels now that three years have gone by since he retired. I’d also love to know what happened to some of the characters. His book does an exceptional job of capturing the struggles of teachers swimming against the tide. This is a wonderfully engaging read.” [Ginnie Jeschelnig, retired teacher]

For 101 Wrestling Drills and Games

“I bought this book to use with kids ages 6-13 and found it useful and informative. I especially liked the coaching tips found with each drill.” [Daniel Reynolds]

For The Complete Handbook of Forms and Letters for Coaches and Athletic Directors

“It has been very helpful and has everything covered for anything you might need a form or letter for in athletics! Great investment!” [Mandy Vance]

For Writing Smarter

“I am so happy and thrilled that I decided to purchase this book. It was an impulse purchase but it has become one of my favorite tools to use in my classroom. I teach middle school Language Arts and I have found this book to be so effective. The lessons are organized and outlined and there are more than enough activities to enhance learning and ensure mastery.I highly recommend it! It makes lesson planning and teaching so much easier!” [S. Martinez]




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