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Author, coach, father, and Mentor. Keith Manos is all of the above and then some. A true man for all seasons his book “The Elite Wrestler” gives the framework of what is takes to become world class in attributes, habits, traits, and dedication. Keith covers it all. A fascinating read by a man of high wrestling IQ!

From a teacher who took my seminar

21st Century Literacy:  Teaching the Five C’s in the Information Age

Thank you Keith for your feedback on this assignment, as well as all the assignments. You’re a wonderful teacher and you put a lot of work and thought into all your assignments you have planned. Your class is my favorite class I have taken from the instructional delivery services. I came away with so many good ideas and lessons. Many classes I do not gain too much insight for my teaching career, but your class was wonderful.

Thank you again for this opportunity,
Sharon McDermott

american dirt by jeanine cummins

I just finished reading the outstanding novel American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins. The narrative portrays the journey of Lydia, a Mexican mother on the run from a drug cartel, and her son Luka to the border American where they hope to cross and reach safety. Stephen King, John Grisham, and Sandra Cisneros have all praised this captivating novel.