101 Winning strategies for wrestling coaches

Are you a wrestling coach? Do you know a wrestling coach? Maybe you’re the one sitting in the bleachers wondering how to help your wrestlers win their matches in duals or tournaments. Well, I’ve researched the strategies used by hundreds of coaches like Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, Tom Ryan, Tom Brands, Cary Kolat, Terry Steiner, and Jeff Buxton and put them into 101 Winning Strategies for Wrestling Coaches, a book that every coach, wrestler, or parent should read. It’s available at https://coacheschoice.com/101-winning-strategies-for-wrestling-coaches/ and https://www.amazon.com/101-Winning-Strategies-Wrestling-Coaches/dp/160679549X/ref=sr_1_52?dchild=1&keywords=keith+manos&qid=1630799739&s=books&sr=1-52

And after using these strategies, any wrestling coach will get the results they want from their wrestlers.

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